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Blood and Beauty
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The Last Camellia
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The King's Deception

The King's Deception - Steve Berry Steve Berry excels at fanciful story lines (although nothing compared to Clive Cussler), and The King's Deception doesn't disappoint in this regard. Cotton Malone is back, as is his son, Gary. They wade through a good bit of creative British "history," nick a terrorist, threaten Northern Irelenad with a resurgence of The Troubles, and interact with a street kid used as a tool to draw Cotton and Gary into the plot. As I think is typical of Berry, his characterizations are believable, and his writing lean.

If you enjoy history, as I do, and look for quick summer reads, The King's Deception might be an excellent choice. Not great literature, but written in a fast-paced, interesting style that is uniquely Berry's.